Angela Merkel Left Awkward When Trump Avoided Handshake

How can a president be so blunt? The answer is Donald trump and his awkward and ungracious attempts. He has been receiving  mixed response on social media for almost anything and everything he does. When it comes to his rude response to handshakes by Angela Merkel, it was so awkward.


Last month when the POTUS met Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, people all over the world just couldn’t  stop talking about  Trump’s gesture with the prime minister. So much so that a martial arts academy had taken to YouTube to lend a piece of advice on how to defend oneself if someone uses the infamous “Donald Trump handshake”.

From his “long handshake” with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to “the pull-back handshake” with Judge Neil Gorsuch and the one with vice-president Mike Pence on election night, Trump has been in limelight with his amazing gestures.

And here, he is again in the news where he completely ignored the handshake request of photojournalists.

It happened like, during Merkel’s White House visit, photographers asked the two world leaders to pose for a photograph and shake hands, which is a custom, however, President Trump did not. And the look on Merkel’s face was embarrassing and weird. The  Merkel-Trump meeting was supposed to be a fresh start after Merkel has received critics from Republican leader throughout his campaign trail in Germany.

As photographs and video footage of the White House were circulated online, Netizens had a meltdown. Twitter was flooded with comparisons of his previous actions with other world leaders and also Trump was captioned as “child” president though the leaders later did shake hands in front of the press following a news conference at the White House.

The damage already done couldn’t be mended as Twitterati went on a roll to troll the POTUS.


Let’s see how far this can go, following Donald Trump and his sarcasm.