Astonishing Natural Animal Images That Will Reshuffle Your Perceptions

10. The colorful Duck

????The Mandarin Duck????

11. Squirrels practising wizardry

What’s strange about these is that one of them really looks weird, or does it?


12. Flamingos: Oh so self-awakened


13. Go away now

Penguins shoo away the film crew by flapping heavily with the sea lion chasing.

“We’ll be safe on land…shit shit shit shit shit” Pengs frantically flap towards film crew with sea lion in hot pursuit.

14. Attack the enemy

An elephant holds up a log of wood on its head and then hits a rhino with it.

Elephant balances log on head then throws it at a rhino.

15. Is this fish for real? I mean look, how colour coated it looks!

Here, he comes, only for you

16. Standing out in the crowd

A rare white penguin giving complex to the entire clan of penguins. I bet, you looked twice at me!


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