Adorable Little Girl Reaction When She Meets A Broken Water Heater Robot

We are so much practical with the word love that we do not even are about random human but when a little girl says “ I wuv u woot” to a robot look alike, it’s priceless and heart touching. This cute video of a little girl falling in love with a robot is so adorable.

This toddler saw a discarded water heater on the street, and exclaimed to it “Hi wobot!”, she thought that it’s a robot because a panel on the top does kind of look like eyes and the tank is perfect fit for her hug.


Rayna repeatedly says, “Hi wobot!” but her favourite robot was too shy to respond. Then she walks up, gives it a hug and says, “I wuv you wobot!” twice.

This is the cutest thing you’ll see today.

Her mother shadeogreen took a video of daughter Rayna as she met her first “robot”.  People on social media cannot get over innocence and charm of this little girl.