Adele Rebukes Security For Disciplining Fans At Her Concert

Leading the life of a celebrity, is more often than not, highly taxing. You have people looking up to you. So as a celebrity you need to always portray yourself as the perfect role model that you have become for your fans.

One of the gestures from celebrities that can go a long way is to when they show some kind of concern and care for their fans.

In a recent event held in Melbourne, Australia a similar thing happened.

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There are different ways in which a celebrity can make her fans feel cared for, like speaking some kind words while signing autographs, complimenting a little wherever there is a scope for it, write something nice for fans, on social media and so on and so forth.

But if you really want to win over your fans and bowl them over completely, then maybe you can take sides with them when the system and the organising committee of the event tell them to behave in a certain way while having a great time.

This is exactly what Adele did during her recent performance in Melbourne.

When you are enjoying music at a concert and are completely enchanted by the performance, it is kind of impossible to remain glued to your chairs.

People wanted to move and grove!. Adele fully understood this situation and though the security were just doing their jobs when they asked people to sit down calmly, it didnt go down well with her fans.

Adele went out of her way and told the security not to stop the fans. She went a step further and asked the fans to stand up. What happened next? Well, the fans thoroughly enjoyed the event, while some were muffed off at the celebrity for not allowing the security to do their jobs!