Actual Scientific Facts Will Shock You

7. Sumatriptan is a drug for migraine.

The side effect is that it causes the blood to turn green due to the presence of sulphur in it.


8. Researchers at Carneige Mellon university believe that people contruct their own realities, and avoid information that they perceive as threat to their happy and peaceful existence.

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9. Like, cocaine, coffee too is addictive in nature. Coffee is one of the most widely used beverage that acts as a stimulant.



10. Release of tears when one is upset is actually a natural pain killer.

The hormone (called leucine enkephalin) is released when the body is under stress. Crying helps, you see!


11. The viscosity in water determines the sound it makes while being poured.

Water poured at different temperatures makes different sounds!. Colder water has higher pitch than warmer water.


12. There are living beings that are biologically immortal, i.e, they do not die. Examples are Jellyfish and Lobsters. They can perish or die due to some injury or disease.

A group of jellyfish

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