Actual Scientific Facts Will Shock You

1. The main source of oxygen is ocean and not trees ! tiny plants living under the surface of water flow with the currents and produce oxygen.

These tiny plants are called Phytoplankton


2. After dying, people fart to release the gases that get build up due to bacterial decomposition!

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3. Human beings have at least 10 times more bacterial cells than the human cells.

These bacterial cells are not harmful, in fact, they are beneficial to the human body. This was studies by microbiologists at the university of Idaho


4. Genetics are weird.

Due to genetic mutation , 10% Europeans are by birth immune to the HIV. This mutation according to scientists, was caused as a result of plagues in the middle ages.


5. Alpha-pinene, an anti-inflamatory compound obtained from pine trees is used to treat bronchial diseases like asthama.

A plant is in a tree

6. Can you believe it? Video games in moderate amount can help in enhancing memory and multitasking skills.

It reduces stree and improves coordination, helpful for those suffering from Dyslexia.

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