This 57.7 Billion Pixel Image Of Dubai Contains A Bentley Car. Can You Spot It?

People are left clueless as to where to locate a car from the famous manufacturer Bentley, that recently released a gigapixel image of Dubai.

The high rise buildings that cover the skyline of Dubai are making the task of spotting the car all the more difficult.


This 57.7 billion pixel camera had to survive the 104-degree temperature of the desert city accompanied by the 16 miles/hr winds. The camera took the snap of the city from one of the highest buildings there.

The quality of image got distorted a bit due to the high winds and temperate. The technology that was used to build the camera was sought from NASA.

The image was made up of a total of 1825 individual frames and the time taken to get the image was 48 hours.

Downloading the image took an additional 18 hours!

Let’s give it a try? Can you see it? No?


Let’s zoom it. How about now? Not yet?


Ok, let’s zoom it further. Now?


Well, here you go. There it is! Amazing


This car manufacturer had earlier created a 53 billion pixel image of the Mulsanne in San Francisco, California of the Golden Gate Bridge. Fascinating enough!