30 Pictures that show some people Hilariously Fail at Selfie Game

Selfies are something for which you don’t have to rely on someone for the photo. For that everyone tries to be best in the game but they tend to forget surroundings and backgrounds before they snap a picture due to which they tend to get embarrassed later. From getting caught through the mirrors to the ones who didn’t check backgrounds, you’ll see how true that is in the photos below.

1. If you look closely, it’s a double mirror selfie


2. Definitely annoyed a cop

3. Little girl can’t afford another selfie

4. Dog’s bum photobomb

5. Kesha couldn’t resist a car selfie going for a birthday party

6. When you see it

7. Bear like father photobombed her selfie

8. Spider photobombed this beautiful selfie moment

9. You forgot something in the shower

10. His future stood not so far

11. Aww, My Boyfriend Is So Sweet! Sneaking In Shower Shots Of Me

12. Realising after a selfie that people in background were stuffing baby in canon

13. Burn Turf and something when you see it

14. They forgot about their brother

15. Hey, mum!?

16. Voldemort is that you in the background?

17. When you see it

18. There are 3 people in picture

19. Looks creepy!

20. Dog waiting for a mistake

21. Autofocus shifted elsewhere

22. Something’s not right in the background

23. So happy with my new hair

24. Even Dog is sick of her shit

25. This traffic ugh!

26. Background selfie fail

27. One of the best reflection fails.

28. I, Me, Myself

29. Sneaky eyes are on you

30. I may see a better selfie of a man, baby and dog this month but I doubt it