26 Signs That You Are In A Healthy And Happy Relationship

A relationship can be extremely tough and messy. Also at the same time deep, loving, fulfilling and fun. The difference between these two extreme conditions is how you treat your loved one.

When you put other’s happiness before your own and they do the same, relationships are always happy and loving. If two people understand each others’ space and needs, then relationship always flourish.

Below are 26 signs for couples just to know the density of love in their bond:

1. The World outside might me full of fear and struggle but you feel safe in arms your partner.

Life is full of ups and downs, there is always some struggle at every step. When two people decide to live together they should be support for each other during toughest days . if you hug your partner after tiring and bad day and you realize that something is still good in your life then you are surely in safe hand.


2. Perfect love cover up all the imperfections.

No one is perfect and very few people accept it. When it comes to deciding a life partner, everyone thinks for a flawless person, which is not reality. But there are few people who accept their partners for whatever they are either small, big or dark and that kind of love stories later become an inspiration for all.


3. If you are loyal to your partner then trust is always enough.

People cheat on their partners still, expect loyalty from them. For a failed relationship, trust is always been a major issue. If you are not sure for anyone, then don’t approach them until you are ready to be loyal. Because the broken heart is always the worst part of any relationship.


4. If the world is falling apart but both are thankful for what you had achieved so far.

You might have just lost your belongings in an earthquake or a flood or a fire but you are still grateful that you have each other at least during these tough hours. A relationship that has humbleness will ultimately have a positive outcome.


5. If you enjoy your 25th anniversary as your first date.

The essence of longest and happiest love life is always keeping it young and alive. If you fall for your partner each day, you are blessed with happy and healthy love life.


6. If you fight and sooner reconcile with sweet smile.

No love story is complete without a fight and it is important as people may be different at many points. But if you are in love then can stop you from coming back together in no time.


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